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Country Week

Country Week 2024


This year the AJSA is looking to take 10 teams across six competition age groups to Country Week in Perth in September. Teams participating are Under 11s Gold and Green, Under 12s Girls, Under 13s Gold and Green, Under 14s Girls, Under 15s Gold and Green, Under 17s Girls and Under 17s Boys.
If you are interested in coaching a team across any of the age groups, please send your nomination, including all relevant experience, to the country week coordinator, Jane Baines. Nominations close on 15 March.
Following coach appointments, Country Week trials will begin on 4th of  May. This year the dates for Country Week are Monday 23 September to Friday 27 September 2024 and the competition will be held at the Olympia Kingsway Grounds in Madeley.


Country Week is a competition that is held annually in Perth during the first week of the September/October School Holidays. Generally, each team will play two games per day from Monday through to Thursday, with the finals taking place on the Friday, this being the final day of competition.


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