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Youth Award of Excellence

Many of our juniors have started to ‘give back’ to our sport, and we feel that these dedicated youngsters should be acknowledged.

Many have started refereeing, some have started coaching, some exceptionally high standards of achievement. Others have a general positive influence on younger members. There is no fixed criteria for nomination but what this award is about, is the common theme of ‘giving back’ and having a positive influence on our game.

2021 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence


2020 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence

Winner: Samuel Miles

In a season broken up by COVID-19 Samuel stopped playing soccer and decided to concentrate on refereeing. Always wanting to better himself he took it upon himself to nominate to referee at Country Week. Not only that he organised his own accomodation, and transport to get there without anyone realising. He would always stick around supporting all association games when not refereeing. In Albany he would always pick up a flag and run the lines for a fellow referee and always without fail, with a smile on his face.

2019 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence


2018 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence


2017 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence

Winner : James Knowlson

A young man who has designated many hours to refereeing over the years. Started running lines at 8 years old and has taken giant strides ever since. Over the years he has also given up his time to organise the ever popular pink sock round generating thousands of dollars for the McGrath foundation. Has now also started giving back even more by helping mentor new referees.

2016 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence

Winner : Phillip Lockyer 

Phillip has been nominated once again for his positive attitude down at the socer grounds. He is always down there early and has become a mentor to some of the younger referees always offering encouragement. At the same time he is always trying to improve his own standard of refereeing by always asking for feedback. He attends most games, juniors and seniors and takes it upon himself to be there just in case someone fails to turn up so he is always there to either referee or run the line. A dependable young man who has been a great asset to the association over the years.

2015 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence

Winner : Laura Hunt 

Laura was nominated for being a positive, enthusiastic, motivated person who  gives back on many levels. Whether it be refereeing games on Saturday for the ASJA or Friday nights for the ladies, coaching the 3-5 year olds in the Football West Squirts program or the coaching with the Football West SAP teams. Laura is an excellent role model for the young soccer girls and for her love and positive attitude to soccer and the time she takes to acknowledge all her little admirers at the soccer and in the wider community.

2014 AJSA Youth Award of Excellence

Winner : Casey Willmore

Has received his nominations from parents and fellow coaches for his dedication to his commitment to enhance the quality of junior goal keepers within the association. In his own time and with self-funding Casey has obtained certificates in goal keeper training and has used his qualifications to set up a goal keeper clinic which has been incredibly well received and the results clearly visible. He has also given up his time to give our Country Week goal keepers additional coaching prior to their competition. All this on top of his continued commitment to refereeing junior, ladies and senior matches.

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