Important COVID-19 Rule

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COVID-19 is hitting some teams hard and is obviously out of their control. Understandably teams are reluctant to forfeit and would like the match rescheduled.

As per our rules of competition the current situation in relation to teams requesting fixture changes is as follows:

10.4. Any change to the venue, date or time of a scheduled match must be advised to the AJSA Registrar, no later than 6.00 pm on the Friday prior to the scheduled commencement of the match.

10.4.1. The team requesting the change must obtain the approval of the opposing team, through contacting the opposing team’s coach, prior to advising the change to AJSA Registrar.

10.4.2. Failure to comply with 10.4.1 may result in the fixture being deemed to have been played as scheduled, with the match being forfeit against the team requesting the change.

10.4.3. Any League match not played according to the scheduled fixtures must be played prior to fourteen (14) days before the last day of the season.

10.4.4. Determinations relating to this clause are at the discretion of AJSA

As per many sporting codes provisions have been brought in in relation to COVID-19.

The AJSA rule for this season will be that if any team in u12’s has 7 players or less of their registered team and in u13’s + has 9 players or less of their registered team then that team can request for the match to be rescheduled if it is as a result of the impact of COVID-19. Being unable to play due to COVID-19 includes:

  • Isolation (due to testing positive or as a close contact with symptoms)
  • Declared unfit to play by a medical professional due to the effects of COVID-19

Should your club be unable to fulfil a league fixture because players fall into this category, the club may request a postponement by emailing the association registrar at

In the request, it is required to supply the names of the players that are affected by COVID-19

Note any club found to be providing false information to justify an application for postponement will face heavy sanctions including but not limited to fines, forfeiture of games and docking of points.

Any match needing to be rescheduled due to COVID-19 would have to be played on the day of the week that the team NOT requesting the postponement trains unless another date is agreed by both clubs.

The deadline will be 6pm on the Friday before the game.

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